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A big thank you, to tags property management and associated services, very professional. Local knowledge indispensable. Friendly and approachable. Would highly recommend them for all your property needs.

Carol and Allan Flasket

If you have had building, renovation, purpose bespoke or general maintenance work done in North Cyprus you will already be aware of the pitfalls. They range from overpricing, overestimating, spurious add on’s, no work schedules, total unreliability and no contract: need I say more. And for goodness sake where do you find the credible workmen to the standard you require. For me the TAGS project management team have proven a breath of fresh air. In managing my renovation and bespoke projects I.e. kitchen design, renovation and units, my wonderful new library and magnificent showcase for my Waterford cut glass collection.

The floating ceilings to lounge and hallways incorporating mood led lighting has made my home stand ‘apart’ with awe appeal. My next project is my bathrooms which I am sure the team will equally excel with. May I express my sincere thanks and appreciation for their help, professionalism, reliability and consistency.

The TAGS team have proven their worth and I will whole heartily recommend them to others.

Len Watson - Arapkoy

We are both so very happy with the painting of the house they did a very good job and cleaned up after they had finished thank you again for a very good job...

David and Clive

"I initially approached TAGS because I was struggling to get the right flooring, but after speaking with them decided to have them do the work for me, along with replacing the rather dated slate wall feature. I am so happy with the results, the speed of the work being done and the professional quality of the workmanship and will definitely be using them for the rest of the work I need doing on my house. They were efficient, clean, and kept me up to date at each stage of the work. Very chuffed"

Barry (and Teddy), Ozankoy.

"I contacted TAGs to repaint my sons bedroom in my new house and they could not have been more helpful. They discussed the feel and colour I wanted and gave me a range of paint options to choose from. The painter who came to do the work was so quick and clean they completed the work and the clean up in less than half a day (he even put the cleaning materials away when he had finished). I have already booked them in for my next project on the house. Fantastic service and clear quotes - highly recommend."

Liz, Catalkoy.

"Love it and the new patio at the back - thank you TAGS Project Management and Associated Services."

Jackie Attwell



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