Property Maintenance & Dedicated Project Management

1. Project Management of new builds and renovations

property service

Whatever stage your build is at, we can help. Our experience and contacts across the island mean that you will always get the best, most efficient service to ensure completion on time. We will give you regular updates and reports, liaise with local suppliers to get you the best deals on materials and labour and take all of the headaches out of your new build or renovation.

If it’s a remodelling you want, even a new pool or extension, our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way, giving you the right advice about legal regulations, property planning and design options before giving you a clear schedule and progress reports on all aspects of your new pool, garage or extension.

Basically you tell us your vision and we will make it a reality – quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We personally vet all our suppliers and sub-contractors to make sure they deliver the excellence in service that you want and that we promise. Through the whole process you will have our personal attention to detail with no compromise on value or service.

2. Interior design

If you’re over-whelmed by the idea of interior design, trying to decide what works where, we can rescue you. Our own staff have experience of knowing what works in the Northern Cyprus climate and have a diverse network of expert craftsmen to help you bring together the overall look of your property. Whether its colour schemes, furniture choices or soft furnishings, we can work with you to ensure the finished property looks exactly the way you imagined.

3. Building Services

We know that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the property and building needs of a house in Cyprus. Pool tiles break, pumps give up, driveways crack, it’s a fact. But this doesn’t have to be cause for concern. Because we are local and have a good reputation in the area, tradesmen want to work with us, and this means we can look after our clients. So, whether you have an ad-hoc building need or you need regular cleaning after a rental or simply just a property check when you are out of the country, our local presence and flexibility means we can take all this away from you.

4. Pool Maintenance

A good pool is a clean pool and that means regular maintenance. We are affiliated with one of the best pool cleaners on the island, so let us get your pool into their schedule and all you have to worry about it is having the right costume to hand.

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Kıbrıs Girne Tüp Bebek

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